Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anything called posters & cards

Imagine you looking for a nice card or better yet a Poster for you house or gift, but their name is very hum????. Well I was looking for a webstore that be different and I saw Poster Cabaret?. Yep Poster Cabaret I thought will be nude poster, but them I find out the most attractive Poster that you can imagine
they are located in Austin Texas , you can email them , be fan  in facebook, or check their web page
Poster Cabaret
or been fan in Facebook/ poster Cabaret

Any question you can email me also at : I will help you with anything.



Monday, December 13, 2010

Great place to shop

I found the other day this webstore, where they  have the  most unique style for the house , I can said they are very unique with their items. Be the only one to be unique, as  I do!!!!
 Greener grass design. They are located in Houton Texas, but if you are not near Texas you can check their web .
 also you can check in facebook & twitter.

Need Help!!!!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Furniture Time

How we can find a beautiful sofa ? , comfortable sofa? .We all know that to buy  a good  sofa you need to see quality construction , shape, color, durability.
Matthew Haly Store in NYC

Check this wonderful world of sofasand more in NY, NY .
The Furniture Joint by: Matthew Haly with more that 25 yrs of experience.
want to learn how to do upholstery ? They have classes too.
or check they web:
Check his his store in NY, NY or his website , twitter or facebook
The Furniture Joint
35 Great Jones St, 2nd FL
New York, NY 10012
p/f 212-598-4260
can not reach The furniture joint  send us a email at and will do my best to get in touch with the store for you. ©

Welcome Friends!!!!!!

Welcome friends....... to our wonderful page .But first I will like to tell you why I made this page.

I'm always give my ideas to my family, friends, neighbors and they like my ideas and the do it, ex: choose color to paint their house, decorations tips, babies name, fashion, beauty, etc.
So I thought and said myself why not to do a page where everybody can see my ideas and do it :-) or see another people ideas and do it or buy from them for less?

I will post pictures of my own designs, ideas, etc.

I hope you can enjoy us in this new adventure.


Madam Idea