Monday, January 30, 2012

2/1/12 JCP!!!!!!!! new face new price

Have you ever watch the new commercial of JCP????? ...... Crazy right!!!!! .Well really is not that crazy , JCP people trying to bring new ideas and save $$$ to us .

How did  start ?, well first with their new name or logo which is  JCP, no more JCPenney, they trying to simplify their name so we can remember said more faster  or text it more quickly :).....

Also their price will be less ,for example is a pair of jeans cost $19.99 now will be $19  or $20 even, .
Questions :     Will be convenience ?        yes .
                     Will be sales all the time ? yes.
                     Will be any coupons in the newspaper that we need to cut it or clip off? .According to JCP  owners they said this will be eliminated , so be happy  if  you are a person like me that always forget to cut the coupons from the newspaper or just left it in top of the kitchen counter and missed the good special.

Great prices and special will be 365 days of the year  . Can't way that Macy's Kohl's and others stores will be  follow JCP soon. So hopefully this will be our new era of way to shop .
Don't forget to go and spend a great time in the new JCP and let us know how was it.

Happy Shopping!!!!! 
Madam Idea

                               The New commercial from JCP<><> <><>
JCP new face

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bottles, bottles and more bottles

Bottles, and more bottles, sometimes you don't know what to do with those left over bottles. But what kind of bottles Madam Idea is talking about?, any bottle that can looks nice in your house as decor, let me explain what I do with my bottles. During winter time  you can not open the windows or doors for some fresh air , not only that but there is really not much to look around so I tried to decor my house with nice stuff as the bottles , in my dinner table I have bottles any color size ,shape in my leaving room the same , I usually put inside the bottles lights or candles so when is dark at 4:30pm my house looks nice with candles and tiny lights and you can save money in electrical too ;). 

Where you can get nice bottles?  you don't need to go to expensive store to buy nice bottle , I am a flea market freak I love to find bottles that have their own personality  and get it for good price .But if you have wine bottles the will look nice too. Bottles shapes and colors are what that make them unique, so just look around your house and check your bottles and just put it in different places of your house .

Madam Idea

My Bottles in the dinner room

Same bottles  in their own colors

Pic from better view

A bottle with lights in the livingroom

A diet pepsi bottle can be a good remind you of keep in shape :-)

Very old bottle

Another old bottle
A friend gave it to me so I can decor my kitchen
Thanks Gloriann:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Primitive or Country Decor!!!!!

Last Sunday I went to a Primitive or Country decor party , as always I let explain what that's mean of or belonging to the first or beginning; original ,living in or characteristic of farming or country life(
I live in a very country state where you can see cows and horses , which I love it because the farmers let you touched the horse and gave carrot to them. So people that leave around us the love the primitive /country decor. Don't get me wrong is really nice and very creative what  people do,they also do home parties and selling it or if you go to the flea markets you can find a lot of people selling country items.
Do I have some "Primitive " decoration ? Yes, I like their wax melted which its my favorite, but  this people know how make their own candle wax and you can buyed it.The smelled it's wonderful and the smelled drive all over your house so really your house smell so good all  day  ,  with no offense I decor my house in the Soho/Indian style , but with a little tiny touch of country style too ., But I respect other people decor, so when you go to a country decor house enjoy it they really know how to make nice decor with their hands.

Madam Idea

My Country wax melted

Pretty decor for my kitchen and in the top is the wax melting

Just a little remind in the bathroom for the guys in the house

Another melted for the bathroom it's really works
The Wax

Monday, January 23, 2012

Madam Idea: Our first snow storm 2012!!!!!

Madam Idea: Our first snow storm 2012!!!!!: Hello again !!!! last Saturday was our fits snow storm here in the northeast of the United states , where I live we got like 5inches of snow...

Our first snow storm 2012!!!!!

Hello again !!!! last Saturday was our fits snow storm here in the northeast of the United states , where I live we got like 5inches of snow, the snow was kind on dust really no that good to play with that , but we enjoy it, I shovel all my sidewalks which is not that much and the front of my house part of the backyard so Lola (puppy) can go outside and back of the garage to move my Jeep, so basically I was shovel snow almost all day (lol). 
Not only that I was take my time and enjoy the weather beauty as the beautiful snow cover the mountains, and how birds come and still looking for food, and my kids play with the snow and me too.

So here some of the pics of this wonderful first 2012 storm.

Madam Idea

My dry Ornamental grass cover is beautiful white snow

My pine also covered in a wonder white dust (snow)

My lamps

My swing where sometime in the winter I sit down

The dry sunflower with a white hat

A better closed up

Lovely tree and the background all white

My best pics of the red bird enjoy it the beauty of the snow

The side of my house full of snow but looks wonderful

My daughter trying to make Sponge Bob

My creation a Pyramid

My son friend holding what they called an Ice culture

My son holding a bigger Ice culture

My neighbor shovel early in the morning

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Madam Idea: Don't through out your Pans & Pots!!!!!

About 3yrs ago I bought this nice big pan to cooked turkey, and whole chickens , but so many parties after so many used the pan start getting old good anymore. My husband was going to thought away but I told him not to do it because I will used this summer as a nice pot for flowers, meanwhile I was looking really another place where can be really used it everyday . I remembered that I always put my detergents in top of the washer and sometime with the tumbler of the washer the soaps go to the floor and you know the rest!!!.
So I went to my basement and start fixing my detergents in the pan , and Voila its fixed perfect right in the dot, Now the big heavy pan is have a new place in top of the washer with the detergents and they look neat!.

As always my friends and followers here another idea from Madam Idea and if you have a port or pan that you don't want to through away you can find another place were will nice to used . I hope the pictures will help and pardon our background my basement is not finished yet, I'm still decide what color to paint the walls.
My old pan 

my detergents in top of the washer very messy!!

Now my pan and detergents looks neat

Another pic of my detergents and pots

Very neat

Madam Idea

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Somebody garbage is a treasurer for you!!!!!

My husband commute to new york everyday ,not only that but sometimes he find nice items that people don't want in their houses, sometimes in  great shape or sometimes in not that great shape.
He(my hubby) just brought  a old leather briefcase like a month ago, I wasn't sure what to do with that but I love to  read and  I collect some magazines that I like to keep for their great  ideas of how to fixed my yard , but their are all over the living room. I was thinking what to do with the magazines my books and literature that I read everyday, I looked the briefcase  and opened WOW!!! really  have a potential . I started to classified some of the magazine and VOILA!!!! everything fixed and looks great. Not only that but I have another old wine box wine were that one if for emergency when friends come and there is to many things (pencils, personal letters ) in the coffee table and don't want them to see it I just put it the other wine emergency kit ( that's what I called it) and nobody see and its looks great .
I hope this idea can help you  & remember that Somebody garbage can be your treasure.

The dirty old briefcase need to be clean  ASAP!!!

All beat up but the beauty of the briefcase

Inside... no that bad,

Now looks much better , Im happy and my magazine and books are happy too

Holds everything

More organized and looks good

My emergecy wine kit

It's empty, nothing to hide yet :-)

These is the way I keep both together

View from far they looks very nice next to my sofa where I do my reading

They are happy That I find a little corner in the house for them :)
Madam Idea

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to wash your lingerie

When I was small my mom always showed me how to was my panties after i take a shower by hands, (don't get me wrong we used to have washer ), But my mom always told me that wash your lingerie by hand panties last longer and keep you in a better health,(hygiene), same what happen when I start used my bras do the same thing but not washer together everything separate and for the same reason last long and hygiene. When you small you think yuck, no way mom is wrong but when you are growing you can tell is right .
So!!!! because of that I thought myself why not to share with everybody specially women, how to do it  .
Here are some tips :

Hand wash:
  1. Find or buy a bucket or two buckets you can go to a dollar store and get it for a dollar ,one bucket for your panties and on other bucket for your bra .
  2. Fill the bucket (s) with lukewarm (warm) water with Woolite (delicate soap) or you can use Dove body wash or any delicate body wash and used it for your lingerie.
  3. put your panties or bras and live it for 30 minutes .
  4. start to wash by hand your lingerie and rinse (remember need to rinse all the soap out ). Bras need to be dry with a towel before you hanger .
  5. You can used a plastic Hanger for your bra , (plastic hangers do not rust ). 
  6. Let it dry next to your heater and if you leave in the warm weather outside or just open the windows and let the fresh air do the job.Same apply to the panties.
You can wash your lingerie in the washer but remember used a lingerie bag or in a pillow case also but DO NOT put it in the dryer, this will damage your bras and panties in not time.

Well I hope this help you and have a wonderful day.

Madam Idea

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year New You

New year New you ........?
I think that's we hear everyday year , I will change , I will change, I will change !!!! , sounds familiar ?
I' m  the first one saying that I will change  doing ......????.
Well this year will be different many projects one is really loose all the weight I need to loose, another is keep it up more with my blog  . Be more careful  in choose friends, right now I have great friends and I started last year to choose my girls and we really have great times when we got together , my zumba class every Thursdays are great I'm loosing inches so I'm happy about that and this yr after  so many years I will learn how to dance belly dance so that will be a great . I will keep update about it.

How about you ? what will be you new you? your new year?

Madam Idea