Monday, January 23, 2012

Our first snow storm 2012!!!!!

Hello again !!!! last Saturday was our fits snow storm here in the northeast of the United states , where I live we got like 5inches of snow, the snow was kind on dust really no that good to play with that , but we enjoy it, I shovel all my sidewalks which is not that much and the front of my house part of the backyard so Lola (puppy) can go outside and back of the garage to move my Jeep, so basically I was shovel snow almost all day (lol). 
Not only that I was take my time and enjoy the weather beauty as the beautiful snow cover the mountains, and how birds come and still looking for food, and my kids play with the snow and me too.

So here some of the pics of this wonderful first 2012 storm.

Madam Idea

My dry Ornamental grass cover is beautiful white snow

My pine also covered in a wonder white dust (snow)

My lamps

My swing where sometime in the winter I sit down

The dry sunflower with a white hat

A better closed up

Lovely tree and the background all white

My best pics of the red bird enjoy it the beauty of the snow

The side of my house full of snow but looks wonderful

My daughter trying to make Sponge Bob

My creation a Pyramid

My son friend holding what they called an Ice culture

My son holding a bigger Ice culture

My neighbor shovel early in the morning

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