Monday, April 23, 2012

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Madam Idea: What is Ganoderma!

Madam Idea: What is Ganoderma!:   Hello Friends!!!! Ganoderma coming from the Greek:  The name Ganoderma is derived from the Greek ganos /γανος "brightness, sheen", h...

What is Ganoderma!

 Hello Friends!!!!

Ganoderma coming from the Greek:  The name Ganoderma is derived from the Greek ganos/γανος "brightness, sheen", hence "shining" and derma/δερμα "skin".(Wikipidea).

Ganoderma  is a type of mushroom which grows on wood and includes about 80 species, majority of which are from tropical region. For thousands of years, several species of Ganoderma have been used as medicine in most Asian countries, particularly China, Japan and Korea.
In ancient times Ganoderma was only reserved for Kings and was considered an expensive and rare commodity. Nowadays, technological discoveries have enabled ganoderma to be farmed, making it more affordable and accessible. Ganoderma can either be vacuum packed cultivated using chemicals or cultivated in log wood. The log wood cultivation method is usually more expensive, but found more potent due to the higher concentration of active components.

Also known as Reishi, the Chinese refer to Ganoderma as spirit medicine and was used to promote longevity. Scientists have also discovered that ganoderma is a powerful health tonic and are effective as a preventive medicine against any health problems and strengthen the bodys immune system. This magic potion is also believed to help reverse some of skin ageing and sun-damage. Up to this day, scientists are continuously researching and studying other health benefits of ganoderma.

Currently, research on Ganodermas effects and therapeutical benefits on the following are still being undertaken by scientists worldwide:

 Anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant effects

Protection against liver disorder

Effects on blood circulation

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral effects

Protection against radiation-induced damage

Against lower urinary tract symptoms

Did I told you that "Detoxify and energize your body"

Ganoderma can also eliminate toxins accumulated in your body through intake of various western medication, antibiotic, pain killer and anti inflammatory medicines. It thus achieves a strong detoxification effect to maintain your body balance.
And in this fast paced modern world, people are subjected to extensive pressure resulting in tension, insomnia, giddiness, fatigue and loss of appetite.
The Organic Germanium in Ganoderma helps to enhance your blood stream ability to take in oxygen by more than 1.5 times. It also increases your metabolism rate and slow down your aging.
According to research by Japanese doctor, the concentration of Organic Germanium in Ganoderma is about 800 to 2000 ppm (parts per million), which is 4 to 6 times much higher than Ginseng.

In addition, Ganoderma Lucidum also contains Polysaccharides which help to strengthen your immune system. Hence the stabilizing effects of Ganoderma can strengthen your health, improve your vitality and improve your immune system.
With this, Ganoderma Lucidum herb obviously help to slow down your aging process.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Madam Idea start a new project with a new company!!!

Hello friends!!!
I know, I know, I know, I'been "MIA" for a long period of time, but really I  was very busy firts very sick, them my husband really sick them before my father came I did my Pre-spring deep cleaning so when they came my house can see nice and clean and of course !!! smell very good. Not only that but Them my brother gave me the news that he will come visit with his wife and his 4 teenagers kids.... Great ! !!! I said  but inside me said Oh noooo!!!! more Spring cleaning !!!! oh well , I was really fun to have my brother and his bigggggggg family.

But not only that I'll been very BUSY doing a new work from home , work from home is not that easy, but this time it is, how, well  My husband start as a signed up as a member of this company where is organic, you might said there is no a work from home that is organic, well yes  it is is coffee , Organic Coffee. we start drinking it since last year 2011 and we can see all the results, the results are so wonderful that I will be writing all day long. But for me the changes are wonderful here are my changes ;
  1. I'm start to go to the bathroom more regular  3X times at day which is wonderful for me.
  2. I stop drinking my regular coffee bustelo, I have to said bye , bye , because this wonderful coffee is wonderful and is organic.
  3. Them I have more energy , I do zumba and the crazy thing I did was to go to a ZUMBATHON 2hrs of zumba with only 5minuts of break ,  went I went home I drink my coffee and next day Voila!!! I woked up with no body sore or body pain, I was so happy and my energy that day was so much that I did more exercise and clean my house all day. Sounds crazy but It's true!!!!.
  4. I can sleep better, and I can focus more than before, not only that but I remember more , which my kids and hubby don't like that (LOL).
  5. My husband is doing very good too  same as me and his sinus right now is doing much better.

    Now I asked myself  Who do not drink coffee every day? , every hour ? well the answer is very simple millions, and millions of people including my hubby and me drink coffee daily, hourly weekly, monthly. So we start doing this business  were  we are very happy because is growing so fast .But in the next few days I will tell you where to go and show you more benefits. For now please check our web
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