Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is good to have fun with your family and take crazy pics

Well I been under the weather , I guess is because we didn't have no winter at all , but even like that I went out a lot with my husband and our children , maybe my pics are not that perfect , but they are really me, I'm not perfect, and not be perfect is what is make you fun in everything. ;-).

Here some pics That I took is a beautiful mall and inside the movies theater where my kids had a blast not only with the IMax scream but with some character of Star Wars, I just got very wild taking pictures to different places.

Madam Idea

He just posted for Madam Idea blog.

priceless picture

Love how the effects of the camera

Driving between towns

Almost Home

Love to woke up with the sun at the same time

This time driving to a friend house!!!

Driving around town

The Cementery

My daughter

My bedroom window

My son and his Body guards

Inside the Theater

Outside the mall 8pm

they were happy

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bra and me!!!! How do I know I wear the right one?

As women we are ..... very proud with what we wear specially clothes, but not as much with our bra, well  some women do care are , and very proud to  buy "Expensive" bra so we can feel very confident.But we need to be very careful  how we choose our bra.
If your bra fits correctly you should not be uncomfortable when you wear them.

Here are the tips to know your bra is fits correctly:
  • If 1 of you fingers fit between the band of the brad, congratulation you have the right bra.
  • Make sure to  measure all the way around your body, placing the tape measure right beneath your breasts , the cup need to be a full fit. The tape measure goes around your entire back chest measurement comes out as an odd number  31 inches or 33 inches, it's usually a good rule to round down to the next number. Subtract the number from your band size (38-36=2) the result will indicate your appropriate cup size.
  • Your cup need to be a perfect fit and not all wrinkle otherwise the cup size is too small, and that is not the right size for you
  • tried the bra in the fitting room could be in Victoria Secret, you don't need to buy your bra in there but a least you can have an idea what is your right size and fit better .Or let somebody to help you in the house to make sure you have the right size.
Never, Never, Never rush in buy your bra , if you go with your husband or kids let then know you need take your time buying and explained it why.  Is very important that you have the right bra .
This also apply for women that will be nursing.

And don't forget to check our  post of how to wash the lingerie .!!!!!!

Madam Idea

                                          This Video will show you how to buy a bra

Monday, February 6, 2012

Vinegar & your wood floors!!!!!

After thinking what to write today , I was organized my house (light clean) and I was mopping the floors with warm water and white vinegar, I stop and I said myself ,why not to show it to my friends and followers.? What?..
Clean the wood floors and tile floors with white vinegar and warm water ,is very cheap , healthy  and keep floors looking good. I clean once a week specially after a party in the house because juice ,soda were drop on the floor, dirty shoes come from anywhere or after a snow storm because everybody ( husband & kids) come with their boots fool of salt and snow so after their in the house is good to disinfected the floors, am I a OCD(Obsessive-compulsive disorder ) person? , thank goodness I'm not , but I like to have my house nice clean ,and who don't?... Not only that but I have a little girl four paws her name is Lola and sometimes she bring dirt to the house. 
If you don't want to spend to much in chemical for your floor , this is for you, remember I used once a week the vinegar is very strong smell but is great disinfected.
So here is the tip :
1 gallon of warm water
1/2 cup of white vinegar

Mix the warm water(1gallon) with the white vinegar (1/2 cup) and star mopping all your house.

Madam Idea


Mixing the warm water and vinegar

Getting ready

Mopping the floors

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Target is making a great history again!!!!!

Once again Target is making a great bargain with great designers , this time is Jason Wu. Jason Wu ? Who is he? , if you see him in anywhere you might not notice who he is, but if I tell you he design Michelle Obama the white dress for the first dance you can know who he is.

 Let me put a little of his history born in Taiwan, Wu moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at age nine and attended Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Massachusetts and Loomis Chaffee, in Windsor ,Connecticut. He learned how to sew by designing and sewing for dolls, and went on to study sculpture in Tokyo. Wu continued this career path at sixteen by learning to create freelance doll clothing designs for toy company Integrity Toys under the lines "Jason Wu dolls" and later "Fashion Royalty". The following year, he was named creative director of Integrity Toys. He decided to become a fashion designer while spending his senior year of high school in Rennes before graduating from The Loomis Chaffee School in 2001, and studied at the Parsons The New School for Design at The New School. He later interned with Narciso Rodriguez. (WIKIPIDEA INFO).

He also sale his collection in Nordstrom and price for a lot people is not reachable ,but target as a great store shakes hands with  Jason Wu and it will make great same qualities clothes and accessories for a lot of less How Low are his prices! the prices will be crazy low as  range from $19.99 to $59.99 for clothes and $19.99 to $49.99 for accessories.
This Feb.5 2012 until March 6,2012 Target will be bring Jason Wu and his great creations.

So before you enjoy it the Superbowl go and enjoy super Target first.

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