Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is good to have fun with your family and take crazy pics

Well I been under the weather , I guess is because we didn't have no winter at all , but even like that I went out a lot with my husband and our children , maybe my pics are not that perfect , but they are really me, I'm not perfect, and not be perfect is what is make you fun in everything. ;-).

Here some pics That I took is a beautiful mall and inside the movies theater where my kids had a blast not only with the IMax scream but with some character of Star Wars, I just got very wild taking pictures to different places.

Madam Idea

He just posted for Madam Idea blog.

priceless picture

Love how the effects of the camera

Driving between towns

Almost Home

Love to woke up with the sun at the same time

This time driving to a friend house!!!

Driving around town

The Cementery

My daughter

My bedroom window

My son and his Body guards

Inside the Theater

Outside the mall 8pm

they were happy

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  1. Great family pics! We haven't had much of a winter either but I despise winter so I've been fine with it. Maybe you'll still get one good snow storm before it's over ;)