Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bra and me!!!! How do I know I wear the right one?

As women we are ..... very proud with what we wear specially clothes, but not as much with our bra, well  some women do care are , and very proud to  buy "Expensive" bra so we can feel very confident.But we need to be very careful  how we choose our bra.
If your bra fits correctly you should not be uncomfortable when you wear them.

Here are the tips to know your bra is fits correctly:
  • If 1 of you fingers fit between the band of the brad, congratulation you have the right bra.
  • Make sure to  measure all the way around your body, placing the tape measure right beneath your breasts , the cup need to be a full fit. The tape measure goes around your entire back chest measurement comes out as an odd number  31 inches or 33 inches, it's usually a good rule to round down to the next number. Subtract the number from your band size (38-36=2) the result will indicate your appropriate cup size.
  • Your cup need to be a perfect fit and not all wrinkle otherwise the cup size is too small, and that is not the right size for you
  • tried the bra in the fitting room could be in Victoria Secret, you don't need to buy your bra in there but a least you can have an idea what is your right size and fit better .Or let somebody to help you in the house to make sure you have the right size.
Never, Never, Never rush in buy your bra , if you go with your husband or kids let then know you need take your time buying and explained it why.  Is very important that you have the right bra .
This also apply for women that will be nursing.

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                                          This Video will show you how to buy a bra


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  2. I had to go though all that with my Bra size recently too(I have lost A LOT of weight) and didn't know what size I was any more, It was embarrassing!
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