Monday, January 30, 2012

2/1/12 JCP!!!!!!!! new face new price

Have you ever watch the new commercial of JCP????? ...... Crazy right!!!!! .Well really is not that crazy , JCP people trying to bring new ideas and save $$$ to us .

How did  start ?, well first with their new name or logo which is  JCP, no more JCPenney, they trying to simplify their name so we can remember said more faster  or text it more quickly :).....

Also their price will be less ,for example is a pair of jeans cost $19.99 now will be $19  or $20 even, .
Questions :     Will be convenience ?        yes .
                     Will be sales all the time ? yes.
                     Will be any coupons in the newspaper that we need to cut it or clip off? .According to JCP  owners they said this will be eliminated , so be happy  if  you are a person like me that always forget to cut the coupons from the newspaper or just left it in top of the kitchen counter and missed the good special.

Great prices and special will be 365 days of the year  . Can't way that Macy's Kohl's and others stores will be  follow JCP soon. So hopefully this will be our new era of way to shop .
Don't forget to go and spend a great time in the new JCP and let us know how was it.

Happy Shopping!!!!! 
Madam Idea

                               The New commercial from JCP<><> <><>
JCP new face

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  1. im excited about this plus i have a friend who is a jcp fanatic! she goes crazy im sitting here wondering what her reaction will be when she finds this out haha. Thanks for the comment i really like your blog also :)