Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year New You

New year New you ........?
I think that's we hear everyday year , I will change , I will change, I will change !!!! , sounds familiar ?
I' m  the first one saying that I will change  doing ......????.
Well this year will be different many projects one is really loose all the weight I need to loose, another is keep it up more with my blog  . Be more careful  in choose friends, right now I have great friends and I started last year to choose my girls and we really have great times when we got together , my zumba class every Thursdays are great I'm loosing inches so I'm happy about that and this yr after  so many years I will learn how to dance belly dance so that will be a great . I will keep update about it.

How about you ? what will be you new you? your new year?

Madam Idea

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