Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bottles, bottles and more bottles

Bottles, and more bottles, sometimes you don't know what to do with those left over bottles. But what kind of bottles Madam Idea is talking about?, any bottle that can looks nice in your house as decor, let me explain what I do with my bottles. During winter time  you can not open the windows or doors for some fresh air , not only that but there is really not much to look around so I tried to decor my house with nice stuff as the bottles , in my dinner table I have bottles any color size ,shape in my leaving room the same , I usually put inside the bottles lights or candles so when is dark at 4:30pm my house looks nice with candles and tiny lights and you can save money in electrical too ;). 

Where you can get nice bottles?  you don't need to go to expensive store to buy nice bottle , I am a flea market freak I love to find bottles that have their own personality  and get it for good price .But if you have wine bottles the will look nice too. Bottles shapes and colors are what that make them unique, so just look around your house and check your bottles and just put it in different places of your house .

Madam Idea

My Bottles in the dinner room

Same bottles  in their own colors

Pic from better view

A bottle with lights in the livingroom

A diet pepsi bottle can be a good remind you of keep in shape :-)

Very old bottle

Another old bottle
A friend gave it to me so I can decor my kitchen
Thanks Gloriann:)

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