Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to wash your lingerie

When I was small my mom always showed me how to was my panties after i take a shower by hands, (don't get me wrong we used to have washer ), But my mom always told me that wash your lingerie by hand panties last longer and keep you in a better health,(hygiene), same what happen when I start used my bras do the same thing but not washer together everything separate and for the same reason last long and hygiene. When you small you think yuck, no way mom is wrong but when you are growing you can tell is right .
So!!!! because of that I thought myself why not to share with everybody specially women, how to do it  .
Here are some tips :

Hand wash:
  1. Find or buy a bucket or two buckets you can go to a dollar store and get it for a dollar ,one bucket for your panties and on other bucket for your bra .
  2. Fill the bucket (s) with lukewarm (warm) water with Woolite (delicate soap) or you can use Dove body wash or any delicate body wash and used it for your lingerie.
  3. put your panties or bras and live it for 30 minutes .
  4. start to wash by hand your lingerie and rinse (remember need to rinse all the soap out ). Bras need to be dry with a towel before you hanger .
  5. You can used a plastic Hanger for your bra , (plastic hangers do not rust ). 
  6. Let it dry next to your heater and if you leave in the warm weather outside or just open the windows and let the fresh air do the job.Same apply to the panties.
You can wash your lingerie in the washer but remember used a lingerie bag or in a pillow case also but DO NOT put it in the dryer, this will damage your bras and panties in not time.

Well I hope this help you and have a wonderful day.

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  1. I help my wife with our laundries. When it’s my turn, I separate the underwear from the other clothes. I do not use too much soap, as it tends to harden the materials of the undies. Bras should not be scrubbed. Otherwise, they would get deformed.

    Ted Juhl