Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Madam Idea: Don't through out your Pans & Pots!!!!!

About 3yrs ago I bought this nice big pan to cooked turkey, and whole chickens , but so many parties after so many used the pan start getting old good anymore. My husband was going to thought away but I told him not to do it because I will used this summer as a nice pot for flowers, meanwhile I was looking really another place where can be really used it everyday . I remembered that I always put my detergents in top of the washer and sometime with the tumbler of the washer the soaps go to the floor and you know the rest!!!.
So I went to my basement and start fixing my detergents in the pan , and Voila its fixed perfect right in the dot, Now the big heavy pan is have a new place in top of the washer with the detergents and they look neat!.

As always my friends and followers here another idea from Madam Idea and if you have a port or pan that you don't want to through away you can find another place were will nice to used . I hope the pictures will help and pardon our background my basement is not finished yet, I'm still decide what color to paint the walls.
My old pan 

my detergents in top of the washer very messy!!

Now my pan and detergents looks neat

Another pic of my detergents and pots

Very neat

Madam Idea


  1. Love the idea.. I have cabniets above my washer and dryer and I am always cleaning them due to the face they get so messed up and dirty..
    I am now following from Blog dare
    Looking forward to reading more...

  2. Rebecca Sittar :Great idea!!! Its "throw" though, just FYI. You can also use old pans and pots as planters, paint the outside or decorate and fill with dirt and plant some pretty flowers. :)