Monday, January 31, 2011

A great wonderful weekend!!!!

Who don't love weekendsssss!!!!
I love weekends why?... Well  my husband and my two kids we go to different places, or we invited friends over. But lately during this few weekends really we don't go to  places, because of the  severe snow storms, but it's really do not stop me or my family of do or go out.Specially me I'm enjoyed the snow or example one good idea is taking  pictures and see how nature is so lovely even in the blue days.
Really you don't have to be a expert in taken pictures, or have the $600.00 dollars camera to take pictures, just go out and start taken pictures  even with your cellphone camera, just be create with your own pictures.
So enjoy , the blue days to walk or drive in the car and take picture and enjoy it the cold, and remember that spring is around the corner.

Happy winter day!!!

Madam Idea
I take this pictures is inside town where I live.

Snow in top of the bench in a little park in town.

just love the house in top of the hill.

I took the picture of the tree its so lonely but is a "AHA" moment.

I took the picture  of a farm who knows that in the summer will be growth corn. 

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