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Is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system.[1] Allergic reactions occur to normally harmless environmental substances known as allergens; these reactions are acquired, predictable, and rapid. Strictly, allergy is one of four forms of hypersensitivity and is called type I (or immediate) hypersensitivity. It is characterized by excessive activation of certain white blood cells called mast cells and basophils by a type of antibody known as IgE, resulting in an extreme inflammatory response. Common allergic reactions include eczema, hives, hay fever, asthma attacks, food allergies, and reactions to the venom of stinging insects such as wasps and bees.[2]
Mild allergies like hay fever are highly prevalent in the human population and cause symptoms such as allergic conjunctivitis, itchiness, and runny nose. Allergies can play a major role in conditions such as asthma. In some people, severe allergies to environmental or dietary allergens or to medication may result in life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.
A variety of tests now exist to diagnose allergic conditions; these include testing the skin for responses to known allergens or analyzing the blood for the presence and levels of allergen-specific IgE. Treatments for allergies include allergen avoidance, use of anti-histamines, steroids, or other oral medications, immunotherapy to desensitize the response to allergen, and targeted therapy. (Wikipidia)

The time is Autum  thru  Spring  :-( , Not happy with that info , I suffer from severe allergies . Good news , I'm not the only one who suffer from allergies is also 40 million Americans that suffer from allergies too.

What we can do about it?
Well me I just take medicine from the counter like Clarityn its really help me, for other people I recommend to go to the doctor and asked what is the best for them .Also people use acupuncture, but like I said before please check with your doctor.

How about children?
Yes , children suffer from allergies too, but  like I said before check with your children doctor (pediatrician).

How I can feel better?
Well drink a really and the best hot tea, it's really help to feel a little better, try to use soft tissue for your nose  fluffy P.J.'s and stay in bed all day ( if you can).Better yet let you hubby  to give you a lot of love :-).

I hope you can enjoy this little posting !!!!! and have a wonderful Allergies free!!!

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