Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How I can tell if my skin tone is warm or cool?

I'm usually I asked this question every time I'm going to shopping for clothes or make up , it is really a headache :-(. But yesterday I was happy when I saw in T.V. in the Spanish channel an ex-model talking about how to find what kind of skin tone am I. Here are her tips:
There is three different skin tones:

Warm, Cool, Neutral

Maybe you can said that you already know that , but many women like me don't know everything , but this wonderful steps you can find out, let keep reading:
  1. Get dress in white and grab your hair in a pony tail or just put a white towel around your hair, no make up and stand in front of the mirror in a light room .
  2. Now Look your face very close and if you see yellowish you are a warm skin tones, if you see more light greenish ( OLIVE) your are more you are also warm skin tones .
  3. If you see that you are more pink, blue, that mean that you are cool skin tones.

Neutral skin tones professionals said that the best skin tones because everything match perfect.

Vein Test: What ???? Noooo !!!!!I don’t like to see my veins, But is the perfect way to see it, the test is very easy go to a place where you have the more natural light in the house ex: the yard is a very good place , now look at your arm and wrist here how its works veins appear to be green or greenish its means that you are a warm skin tones and the veins that more blue you are a cool tones.

Another way is tried to get different piece of fabric and stand in the mirror and see what is better for you .

Well I “m glad I was watching the Spanish channel and that model was very helpful . Her tips really are working for me , I saw my veins & I saw greenish so I am a warm color as Jennifer Lopez & Jessica Alba .
I hope I can be helpful too to all my friends here in my blog .

Here some Famous women with different skin tone ,

Jennifer Lopez  Warm skin tone

Jada Smith Warm skin tone

Cameron Diaz Cool skin tone
Madonna Cool skin tone
Madam Idea


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