Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flea Markets are the old & new IN!!!!!!!!!!

Who don’t love a flea markets?,When I was a teenager I used to go to flea markets with my mom in Queens and Long Island New York.
I used to buy everything from a piece of cake until designer brand clothes,sometimes fake sometime original pieces. We used to go every Tuesday, Saturday and Sundays so yeah you can called me a flea market freak (LOL). Friends used to look at me like I was the cheapest person in the world, and I was feeling the richest girl buying beautiful brand new clothes for all the occasions.
Flea Markets are inexpensive or secondhand goods are sold or bartered or brand new clothes.
Where the flea markets where origins?
The origins of the term are disputed, but according to one theory the Fly Market in 18th century New York City began the association. The Dutch word Vlaie, or vlie, with the v being pronounced f, meaning a swamp or valley, was located at Maiden Lane near the East River in Manhattan.The land on which the market stood was originally a salt marsh with a brook. By the early 1800's the "Fly Market" was the principal market in New York City.
There is great flea markets in different states:  
  • Alameda Flea Market (California)
  • The Long Beach Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market Long Beach California
  • The Rose Bowl Flea Market is in southern California      
  • The Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market Indiana.
  • The Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market in Springfield, Ohio.          
  • The Brimfield Antique and Flea Market Shows make up the largest outdoor antique show in the United States.
  • The Brooklyn Flea is a favorite stomping ground for New York City area treasure hunters.
  • GreenFlea Market on Manhattan's Upper West Side.
  • Daytona Flea & Farmers Market in Daytona Beach, Florida .             
  • First Monday Trade Days - sometimes called the Canton Flea Market Texas.
As you can see flea markets are all over United States were they sale  food to clothes for your dogs. Sometimes vendors tried to be “smart” in selling you item over priced , but maybe if you keep walking can find the same item for less or better yet make an offer and they are very flexible with prices just show your best weapon a nice cute puppy face with smile (:-) ) . Also dont forget to wear you better comfy shoes as sneakers and   a lot cash, remember they only accept cash green(money), bring a friend and have fun in your flea market journey.
I'm still go to flea markets and I get good bargains and rare items for my house , my kids love to go to and my husband is a great fanatic of Flea Markets.
More info about Flea Markets check these site http://www.findafleamarket.com/

Madam Idea
A Flea Market Freak!!!!!


  1. I really like flea markets. We don't have them too often over here but when we do i like to look around to see if i can find something good.

  2. Hello Sara Really where are you located maybe I can give you a hint

    Madam Idea