Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Thank You Note to my followers!!!!

Hello Friends!!!!
When I was a little girl my parents showed me that LOVE is reciprocal and is you always give Love to people , people will give you the same LOVE  back....!!!!!. I'm want to give a Big Thank You to my followers so I was thinking what to do for them ... well I was thinking what to say or what to post and here a little gift from me to you  is not much , and maybe you think is stupid or dumb, but its come from my heart and from my yard too !!!! .Here are the pictures from my Habitat Yard :-).
I want to Thank You, to my old and new followers......and please keep read our post and tell all your friends to follow us too.

A big Blue Bird eating from my flower seeds

Second Blue Bird snapping from the Sunflower Seeds

Oppsss!! he left !!!!!

The SunFlower .... seeds almost gone!!!

After the Blue birds left another birds came to eat too , was very refreshing to see how creation is so perfect

Thats our Boss Lola trying to figure out how to "Jump"and catch the birds that eating their bird food!!!!! (she is only 9 months oldand she also think she is six feet tall (lol)).

Love to see them eating !!!

Shhhh!!!!! is very alert of who is watching!!!!!!!!

Thank you always,
Madam Idea


  1. I miss sunflowers. Your mom is very wise. My grandma is the same way.