Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Knitting time!!!

Since I was small I learn how to crochet and knitting!!! . At first was kind of boring but when I started to make my Barbies little hat and their carpet ,blankets was really fun. Today I like to knitting but in a bigger size for example  I did my son a scarf and now I'm doing my daughter pink thick long scarf.
Knitting :The word is derived from knot, thought to originate from the Dutch verb knutten, which is similar to the Old English cnyttan, to knot. Is a method by which thread or yarn may be turned into cloth or other fine crafts. Knitted fabric consists of consecutive rows of loops, called stitches. As each row progresses, a new loop is pulled through an existing loop. The active stitches are held on a needle until another loop can be passed through them. This process eventually results in a final product, often a garment.

There is a lot of You Tube free classes of how to knit and sometimes there is classes is local store where they sale the yarn.
 As like I said before is very good , strees free and your day will be pass fast!!!!, Im still working in my daughters scarf she want it very long even she a tiny girl.

Here pics of my daughters scarf that im still knitting!!!.
My daughter Scarf

I'm not done yet!!!!

Madam Idea

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