Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why not to follow Michelle Obama (first Lady ) fashion?

I think Michelle Obama show to many people specially women to dress in a budget . My mom theory was :"Its doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes . If how the clothes looked on you”.  In another words it doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes could be the most expensive clothes in the world but if you don’t know how to wear it Forget it you always will looked cheap. !!!!!  its very true I have friends that love to said where they buy they clothes and when you see them wear it , uhmmm I have a big ? marked in my mind.

Well I thought I was the only crazy cheap woman in the world to go and buy clothes , But how about Michelle Obama she is the First Lady and she go to Target to buy clothes , Old navy , J crew , Gap, Payless, etc, etc.

 I started looked what kind of clothes she wear and I saw that she wear really nice clothes, now my question is Does clothes don’t looked cheap?,they look very expensive?.
I read also that Michelle Obama show her two daughters to do the same to be smart with the money when they buy clothes . Not only that but she also is very discrete of how to wear her clothes but at the same time she is fun too when she need to be fun with her clothes.

Like always I started searching the Internet and see it was REAL for example Target their clothes are very affordable price !!! ,Jcrew just go to the clearance section you will find great item for at lot a less and Old Navy forget it, you can find clothes even for $1.00, same with the other stores .

So I guess I’m not the only crazy one who like to go and buy in “cheap” stores and have fun to wear it. If Michelle Obama do it , why not me? ...

So tried it out go to this stores is really fun to buy and save a LOT $$$$$$$.:-)


Madam Idea

Here as always some Michelle Obama pics:
Michelle Obama her all outfit is from Steven Madden ,JC Penney,old navy, payless

Dress from Target




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  2. Exactly! I totally agree with you "Its doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes . If how the clothes looked on you.”

    Hope you're having a nice day!

    xo -S

  3. I think clothes do not make the person. I buy from thrift stores. Clothes are just materialistic and for someone like her to buy cheapers, good for her! I applaud her.